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Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer's End

Well, the end has come. Michael is back to work. And West and I are sad, but we are all thankful for the great summer we had together. Michael and I agree this has been one of the best summers ever. Here are some high lights:

We kicked off our summer vacation with a special trip to Carmel with Papa and Nana Shaw:

 Westly and Daddy spent lots of time at Chuck E. Cheese
 Westly learned to play miniature golf
 We spent a week in Tahoe with the whole Shaw clan and had a blast!

 I took a solo trip down to see my family, attend a friend's wedding, and spend time with my sister before she left for Belize again.
 We spent our summer days doing art...
 Cuddling in bed and enjoying lazy mornings...
 Vegging with Mickey Mouse...
 Having lots of adventures...

 My summer finale was the big SCBWI writers conference where I met authors and had my life changed!

Farewell summer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you did do a lot in this Summer vacation! Westly learned a lot of new words too.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a marvelous summer. Thanks for sharing some of it with us and thanks too for the wonderful blog...
Here's hoping there are many great moments still to come this fall and winter. Love, Dad Shaw

4:28 PM  

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