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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May's Projects

I made Mother's Day gifts for the women in my life this year. First I made cards for my mom, sister in law, and close friends.

I drew them with pen and colored them with markers.

Then I made my Shaw-side family women coin purses.

For some added fun I wrapped them in vintage Disneyland gift bags.

Lastly I went ahead and made myself a new coin purse too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great coin purses. Now Shaw women- fill them up.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Susie (Shaw) Fitler said...

Thanks for mine Fauf! So cute. Wonderful and practical!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for mine Farah. Also thanks for the beads that were in it. I really enjoyed going to Starbucks with you and your sisters -in-law.

4:21 PM  

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