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Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Week without Daddy

Michael went back to work after having spring break. So Westly and I kept ourselves busy.

He is starting to do imaginary play. He likes to grocery shop in the kitchen. I am now saving our recyclables for him to "buy"

We spent the mornings cuddling

We got treats at Starbucks. We brought Daddy a treat at work too.

We had one nice evening this week so we ate dinner outside.

One morning we slept in and had pancakes for breakfast.

We hung out with our friends.

We baked treats to surprise Daddy for the weekend.

And we did some art.
How was your week?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your week looked like a lot more fun than ours was...
I especially liked your outdoor meal and West's love
of his mom and pancakes. Have a fun week ahead!
Love, RCS

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the week was easier for me than RCS who had to do all the driving to and fro. I enjoyed getting to know Emma Rose better and seeing Kyle and Lisa and was pleased things turned out well.
I hope to see you Farah and your family to celebrate your birthday later in the week.

Love, Mum

4:53 PM  

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