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Friday, December 28, 2012

Changes for the New Year

The other day we were putting our Christmas gifts away, making room for new things, getting rid of old stuff. We realized it was time to make an official toy organizer for Westly. We decided to re-purpose, as is the trend these days. So we turned out book case into his toy organizer.
We cleared the bookcase of all our books.

We bought a few canvas totes from Target, and reset the shelves.

Now West has a place for all his toys, both old and new.

I assembled this little ladder-like shelf my mom gave me awhile ago.

We crammed as many of our books on this little shelf.

It was the perfect size for the space at the top of the stairs by
our bedroom door. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good! I like the Coco- like guard dog. RCS

12:53 PM  

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